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 ** Discontinued **

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Mamba ANADAT Converter Key Features


  • 16 channels from Analog to ADAT
  • 16 channels from ADAT to Analog
  • Line Level Analog In and out
  • High quality Analog to Digital converters from AKM Semi
  • Max analog input level is +18 dBu
  • Latency ~600 usec @ 48/44.1K & ~300 usec @ 96K
  • ADAT light pipe connector for ADAT in and out
  • Use standard light pipe cable to your ADAT in or outs
  • External WC (word Clock) switch to set Master or Slave
  • 48 or 96K sample frequency select switch
  • Full 16 ch on 96K (not half channel count as others)
  • Uses SMUX for 96K ADAT
  • First 2 ADAT in/out will work for 16 x16 @ 48K
  • All 4 ADAT in /out will work for 16x16 @ 96k
  • Analog in and out via DB25 (Tascam/Digi Analog pin)
  • Use DB25 to XLR breakout cables to connect to XLRs
  • Use DB25 to DB25 cable to connect to Tascam DB25
  • EXT WC in on BNC (48K or 96K)
  • EXT WC out on BNC (48K or 96K)
  • 2 year Limited warranty [ more info..]
  • 1U rack mount box (19"X12"X1.75") @ 9 pounds
  • Solid steel and sleek finish

Mamba ANADAT works on @ 48K or 44.1K or 96K sample rate on SLAVE mode & 48k or
96K on Master (no 44.1k on Master mode)

Analog Input:
Maximum input level = +18 dBu
SNR=105 dB
THD+N (1kHz @ -1dBFS) = 0.005% (@48K)
Noise floor = - 87 dBu
Input impedance = 4.53 Kohm

Analog output:
Maximum output level = +18 dBu
SNR = 114.6 dB
THD+N (1kHz @ -1dBFS) =0.0048% (@48K) 0.0029% (@96K)
Noise floor = - 96 dBu
Output impedance = 100 ohm

ADAT Light pipe connectors:
Industry standard ADAT connectors
Sturdy and mounted solid on PCB
Secured by pass thru chassis screw
Input 1 & 2 & Output 1 &2  - 48K
Input 1,2,3&4 and Output 1,2,3&4

Word Clock IN on BNC
Standard BNC connector (female)
Word Clock input to Mamba ADAT box (48K or 44.1K or 96K)
Connect WC out from your equipment (Master)
Clock signal should be max 5V or 3.3VDC TTL levels

Word Clock OUT on BNC
Standard BNC connector (female)
Word Clock output from Mamba ADAT box (48K or 96K)
Connect WC IN to your equipment (for Slave)
Clock signal is 3.3VDC TTL level

ADAT In and Outs
- Compliant to Wavefront Semi ADAT
- Uses ADAT chips from WFS

WC Select Switch
Allows you to select External WC or Int WC
EXT WC position will set the ANADAT Mamba box in slave mode
Make sure the WC IN is connected and your equipment provides a
WC to ANADAT box
If you select INT WC then ANADAT Mamba box will be Master and
you need to connect EXT WC out BNC to your equipment EXT WC IN
(your equipment is Slave)

48K/96K selelct Switch
select 48/44.1 or 96K operation based on your end equipment
If 44.1/48K then ADAT would be 2 In and 2 Out
If 96K then ADAT would be 4 In and 4 Out

Two year Limited warranty (WARRANTY INFO)

Power Supply:
Universal power supply AC 90-240V.
Max power consumption: 12W
ON/OFF switch on back

Rack mountable Chassis:
1U  (19" [L] X 12" [D] X 1.75" [H])
Solid steel and professional finish
Weight: 9 pounds

Download the quick setup guide HERE

Pls note that the ADAT Input and Ouput are in FRONT side. The setup has old boxes which as ADAT and Analog Dsub in the back. We no longer have that mode.

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

"The Mamba ANADAT is working perfectly and we are very happy with it", Brian, COX Comm. RI

" I really did like the converter. I think it complemented my RME interface very nicely and it was very comparable with the 192 we have at the studio. I have a big band recording that I did solely with the Mamba and I will send it to you", Randy

"So far I've been implementing the mamba as my new clock for the 002 by doing this I have noticed a improvement in the separation and power behind the low mid to low frequent range as well as increased space and clarity in the highs with more definition before harshness while doing eq boosts. Tomorrow I will be installing it for 16 channels into reaper and 8 channels into protools. This is a great product", Rick NE.

"I've been using one for the past couple weeks and think the sound pretty good. It seems pretty transparent to me, doesn't really have that mid forward feel of the Rosetta. I've only be able to compare them so far to a 003 and a ramsa da7. It has more definition than the 003 and less tubby than the da7 (I have been using the unit at 48 using it's clock). Tonight we're going to do a shoot out with a 2192, lynx 16, and a Sony dmx r100 so we'll see how it stacksup with the big boys. Even before tonight's test I can say it's a killer deal for 16 I/O.", Andy TX



Model # ANADAT_48 -16 Channel Analog to ADAT converter & vice versa @ 48/44.1 kHz/24 bits



$ 799




Model # ANADAT_96 -16 Channel Analog to ADAT converter & vice versa @ 96/48/44.1 kHz/24 bits



$ 999





What comes with Purchase:

1 pcs - Mamba Analog to ADAT converter

1 Power cord

1 BNC wordclock cable

4 or 8 6ft TosLink cable

FREE G shipping to Lower 48 states

** NO Db25 cables included for Analog

** Int. customers . Shipping TBD and we can ship using Low cost USPS.

Call us at 408 434 9393 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.