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Model Number

Mamba AES_ANALOG Converter Key Features


  • 16 channels from Analog to AES/EBU
  • 16 channels fromAES/EBU to Analog
  • Line Level Analog In and out
  • High quality Analog to Digital converters from AKM Semi
  • Max analog input level is +18 dBu
  • Latency ~600 usec @ 48/44.1K
  • AES/EBU DB25 compliant to Yamaha digital AES pinout
  • Use Yamaha DB25 cross cable for direct Yamaha AES
  • Use DB25 to AES breakout cables (Yamaha pin out)
  • Use Yamaha to Tascam cross cable for Tascam DB25
  • External WC (word Clock) switch to set Master or Slave
  • 48 or 96K sample frequency select switch
  • 44.1k ONLY when Mamba is slave (EXT WC IN @ BNC)
  • 48 K Mamba mode Master or Slave
  • Analog in and out via DB25 (Tascam/Digi Analog standard pin out)
  • Use DB25 to XLR breakout cables to connect to XLRs
  • Use DB25 to DB25 cable to connect to Tascam DB25
  • EXT WC in on BNC (44.1/48K )
  • EXT WC out on BNC (48K ONLY)
  • 2 year Limited warranty [ more info..]
  • 1U rack mount box (19"X12"X1.75") @ 9 pounds
  • Solid steel and sleek finish
  • Future upgrade charge to 96K for 16 channel soon


For availability or help with your system setup, call us @ 978 384 0780 or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Above Price does not include analog & Digital AES/EBU DB25 break out cables.

Please note that AES @ 96Koperates in double speed mode as implemented by many other vendors (double data rate on single wire for 96k)

International customers: Shipping charges would be separate based on your location. You are responsible for any duty and clearance charges. We can ship via USPS for low cost also.

If you need more information or would like to discuss your specific configuration, please email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
or call us @ 978 384 0780. We would be glad to explain how a Mamba AES_ANALOG would fit to your application.

Let us know if you have any comments or feedback on this or other products. Your feedback is important and would really be appreciated

Analog Input:
Maximum input level = +18 dBu
SNR=105 dB
THD+N (1kHz @ -1dBFS) = 0.005% (@48K)
Noise floor = - 87 dBu
Input impedance = 4.53 Kohm

Analog output:
Maximum output level = +18 dBu
SNR = 114.6 dB
THD+N (1kHz @ -1dBFS) =0.0048% (@48K)
Noise floor = - 96 dBu
Output impedance = 100 ohm

Analog DB25 connectors:
Compliant to Tascam/Digi Analog DB25 pin out
Use Db25 to XLR or TRS break out cables
Order Mamba XDB - XLR to Db25 breakout boxes

Word Clock IN on BNC
Standard BNC connector (female)
Word Clock input to Mamba  box
Connect WC out from your equipment (Master)
Clock signal should be max 5V or 3.3VDC TTL levels

Word Clock OUT on BNC
Standard BNC connector (female)
Word Clock output from Mamba box
Connect WC IN to your equipment (for Slave)
Clock signal is 3.3VDC TTL level

WC Select Switch
Allows you to select External WC or Int WC
EXT WC position will set the Mamba box in slave mode
Make sure the WC IN is connected and your box provides a WC to Mamba box
If you select INT WC then Mamba box will be Master and you need to connect
EXT WC out BNC to your equipment EXT WC IN (your equipment is Slave)

48K/96K select Switch
select 48/44.1 or 96K operation based on your end equipment
96k operates in double speed mode (single wire but double the rate)

AES/EBU DB25  Connectors (DB25):
Compatible with Yamaha AES/EBU pin out
Each DB25 has 4 AES in and 4 AES out (8 ch in and 8 ch out)
Use DB25 to DB25 cross cable for Yamaha Mixer
Use DB25 Yamaha to Tascam cross over to Tascam or Digi Mixer
Use Db25 to AES XLR break-out snake
Sturdy and mounted solid on PCB
Secured by pass thru chassis screw

AES/EBU interface on DB25
- TI 74LBC174/175 Line driver and receivers
- 110 ohm terminated per specification
- Pulse AES/EBU transformer isolated

Two year Limited warranty (WARRANTY INFO)

Power Supply:
Universal power supply AC 90-240V.
Max power consumption: 12W
ON/OFF switch on back

Rack mountable Chassis:
1U  (19" [L] X 12" [D] X 1.75" [H])
Solid steel and professional finish
Weight: 9 pounds

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Model # AES_ANALOG -16x16 Channel Analog to AES/EBU converter & vice versa @ 44.1/48/96 kHz/24 bits



$ 999




 What comes with Purchase:

1 pcs - Mamba Analog to AES/EBU converter

1 Power cord

1 BNC wordclock cable

FREE G shipping to Lower 48 states

** NO Db25 cables included for both Analog and AES/EBU.

** Int. customers . Shipping TBD and we can ship using Low cost USPS.

** CA customers - Sales Tax would be added

Call us at 978 384 0780 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.