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  • Plug and Play operation
  • Uses Standard CAT-5/6 distances up to 140m or 450ft
  • Very low latency (less than 200 microsec I2S-I2S)
  • End to end analog delay <800 microsec (96K) & ~1.2 ms (48K)
  • Built in cable redundancy
  • 48K or 96K sample rate option
  • DB25 Audio I/Os with Unity gain
  • RS232 pass-through for remote control, etc [** CUSTOM OPTION FOR EXTRA $]
  • Aux1 and Aux2 - Dedicated 2 pair of twisted pair for intercom, video mon or Internet traffic terminated on XLR or RJ45
  • Works over a standard Ethernet switch [Double CAT5 distance]
  • Neutrik Ethercon for ruggedized CAT-5 connection
  • Sleek rack-mountable boxes with solid steel body
  • Comprehensive customer support
  • FCC, CE, Canada, RoHS and Lead Free compliant




Mamba Digital Snake Specification

Download the Spec (pdf) Here


EP84 Micpre Specification

8 x discrete microphone preamplifiers
Modular PCB design
XLR and TRS inputs and outputs
Insert points per channel
Ultra-Wide Dynamic Range
Low-Noise Operating Levels
Peak Light per channel
48V Phantom Power per channel
Phase reverse per channel
-20dB Pad per channel
Gain control per channel
80 Hz Low cut filter per channel
optional ADAT Module (PR8IIA)
Mic Ins: Impedance 47K Ohms
Mic In: Min sensitivity -60 dB
Mic In: Peak input level +9.5 dB
Line In: Impedance 47K
Line In: Min sensitivity: -35dB
Line In: Peak input level: +32 dB
Output: Impedance: 600 Ohms
Peak output level:+23dB
Frequency response: 20Hz- 20KHz 0dB- -0.5dB
Distortion: 0.005%
S/N: > 105dB
Crosstalk rejection: >120dB @1KHz; -20dB input
Max Gain: 58dB
Housing: Metal

A comparision of EP84 micpre and PR8E micpre is HERE

Coming soon!


Mamba Digital Snake Documents




Mamba Spec Sheet (344KB)
Mamba Manual (9.92MB)
Mamba Setup (840KB)
Micpre Setup (2.16MB)


Mamba Digital Snake Brochure(4.28 MB)



Gain adjustment with mamba digital snake system


 Comparisom of EP84 and PR8E Mic Pre Amp



DB25 Analog 8 ch (Tascam/Fostex/Digidesign) pin out




Tascam DB25 Analog 8 ch pinout






DB25 AES Yamaha Pinout



Yamaha AES/EBU DB25 Digital pinout




DB25 AES Tascam Pin out




Tascam AES/EBU  DB25 Digital 8 ch pinout


Coming soon!

"We installed a Mamba 32LLP system in our new multipurpose building and couldn't be happier.  The sound is crystal clear with no
discernable latency.  We are now looking to retrofit our sanctuary with another Mamba system.  We won't bother looking any further.  This is a great buy on an excellent product", Lee Leatherwood, Media Director, Dilworth Church of God, Empire, AL

"The product arrived on time. It worked straight out of the box and the vendor contacted me to see if everything was working fine and took the time to share some impertinent information with me about other products of my concern. I have never experienced such awesome customer service as this in a very long time!!!", William D Parker Jr


"We reviewed few systems in market and selected Mamba based on lowest latency, highest audio quality, plug and play and unbeatable price. Mamba digital snake system is worth every penny and it is the best value for your money", Dan owner CLS Alaska


Just wanted to let you know that we installed the snake on Thursday and it worked like a dream. There is no radio noise left in the system and the sound is clean and quiet.  We tried the competitors version, which is twice as much, and there is no difference in the sound quality. Thanks again for all your help with this. I am sure that we will be contacting you again to get another one. Richard, Brighton Music


"The 32X32 is wonderful.  A great piece of gear. I love the  product finish too", Jeremy Laurence, Lakeland college Alberta, Canada.


"Want to let you know that the City of Aiken's Mamba digital snake is working, and working very well!  We have had a dedication program and three of our weekly Monday night concerts.  The system has worked like a champ.  It is great to be able to connect 16 sends plus 8 returns by just plugging in a couple of Cat5 cables.  Beats lugging giant copper snakes!  The system sounds invisible, to the point that we almost forget that we don't have the mics plugged directly into the mixer.  Everyone likes the sound of our new system, and the Mamba snake plays a large part in that good sound", Steve Peterson City of Aiken, SC


"My biggest worry, latency, is not going to be an issue with these units. It is in the sub millisecond range as you indicated, and not audible/perceivable to the people I have had listen. Sound quality is excellent, but I would expect 96k to sound good. The units seem to work equally well on hard copper, 100mb media converters, and our GbE linksys VLAN switches with Fiber. All based on the performance and cost effectiveness of the Mamba, I am very happy with my purchase so far.." Greg Bellotte, SLC describing the use of Mamba 32LLP over GbE/Fiber for live PGA golf tour TV broadcast


"What a relief that we are able to remove the bulky 64 channel analog snake and clear up huge conduit space & mess. Also, Mamba splitter feature allowed us to remove all the analog transformer boxes for 64 channels. The stage area is very clean and the new Digital snake sound system occupies very less space. Thanks for the great product that is plug and play and reliable. Able to connect our own micpre's was a big plus", David Sims, Victorious Life Church FL.


"I look forward to adding Mamba to our equipment, and not having to carry a 200 ft 32 channel analog snake.  Thanks very much for the great service, and hopefully we'll be adding some more gear in the not to distant future. I did indeed run some tests, the unit is amazingly quiet. The sound is excellent. What a great value, thanks very much!. we've done several events with the snake, fantastic on every one. Exceptional piece of gear", --Steve Treutlein, Sefcik Production, NJ


"We bought this system to make set up and teardown easier.  My Pastor is extremely happy with the clarity of sound that we are getting as well.  It sounds so much cleaner.  We are able to lower the decibels and hear everything better.  This is truly a win-win situation. Thanks again!" -- Kevin Nordmeyer, New Day Church, MN


"We needed a reliable snake that was easy to setup, take apart and transport.  We found that the Mamba offered the most dependable, feature rich snake for the price."  Andy Brown,  Dulles Community Church


"Using the Mamba enabled us to quickly setup a link from the stage mixer to our recording setup.  The simplicity of using one CAT-5 cable made assembling & disassembling a snap, and the built in redundancy was really important, with all of the organizers, sponsors and volunteers running around creating the potential for cable damage." -  Brent McMicking, Garden Recording Studios (describing
use for ICER air event at AT&T Ballpark), SF

Here is a sample list of Mamba Installations all over the world...

WebstreamSports, IN Mamba Fiber - Sport live streaming
Oregon State University, Mamba 32 split system - Events
Miami dade College, FL - Live school events
EAV system AUS, Mamba Fiber
Wireless Works UK - Multiple Mamba Fiber WDM - Broadcast
New Marion Church OH  - 32x16 - Worship install
SMI-Store, Mamba 32x16 - Concert and recording
WVGB radio station MS, 32x16x16 split - radio broadcast
BBC Scotland, ultiple 16x8 system - Broadcast
BMI NY, LoganMedia, TN - 16x8 Live broadcast
US Army base- LA 32x16 worship install
Xtour, Russia - 32x16+32 ADAT snake
Wireless works, 16, 32 systems - broadcast over fiber
Danny Place MA - concert 16x8 system
Jim H- 32x16 - concert PA install
SMPro audio AUS - 32x16 system
Unitah Arts Council, UT - 32x8 with wireles mic - Concert install
BRCOM, MA - 32x16x16 with Ep84 - WTNH-TV CT - TV install
Interactive Audio Visual, TX, 32x16 with SPMix
Totally Wired System, WI - 16x8 - School Auditorium
First Baptist Church, OR - ADAT 32x32 system, Worship install
RussellMedia VA, 16MLPPR - Worship install
Dan, 16x8 system with Ep84 - Recording studio
Wirelessworks UK - 16LLPs - Broadcast audio over SM fiber
Sound and Music HK, multiple 32LLPs - Auditorium install
Revival Christ Fellowship CA, 48x24x24x0 Split - Worship install
CS-Media Inc MN, 16LLP-RCA - Home audio distribution
Shedd Aquarium, Chicago - 16MLPR - Public show install
Stanislaw Czarnecki, CHC - 16x8 MLPPR - Worship install
Data Display AV, TX 32x16 with Pre's - Church install
CF Miami, 16x8MLLPR - Worship install
Sound & Music HK, 32LLP - Event install
Christ Fellowship, Miami 16x8MLEP - Worship install
SOU, Ashland OR - School performance 16MLEP
d FoH]

Mitch MO - 32LLP - Church install overflow room
Pro-Feel Ltd, Combodia 64x32x32 split/EP84 - Live Concerts
SCS AV, Santa Ana CA - 168MLPPR - Worship install
Greg Bellotte LLC - 16MLPPR - 16x16 Live Broadcast
Greater St. Stephen Church, NO, LA - 48x24x24/EP84- Worship
W.D.Parker, NJ - 16MLPR - Church install
Amazing ATL - 32MLPEP - Worship install
Changing a Generation - ATL 64x32x32 split/EP84 - Worship
Synergy Media Group, PA 32MLPPR - Audio Consulting
Mike Barber Ministries, TX 48x24x24 splitwith EP84 - worship
CS-Meida Inc MN, 168LLP RCA over CAT5 - Home audio
CLS Alaska, 48x24x24 split with PR8E - Rental
Christopher Lambert, CA - 16LLP Event promotion
Oregon  Shakespeare Festival, OR 168MLPPR Concert promotion
CLS Alaska, 16x8x8 & 16MLPs - Stage, rental & Intsall
Carlos MX, 48x24x24 split - Concert installation
Audio Visual Plus, CA - 32MLPPR - School auditorium install
Carlos Mexico, 48MLPPR & XDB - Event promotion
Dillworth Church of God, AL 32LLP & XDB Worship install
HalfMoonBay HS district, CA 16LLP School auditorium install
Brighton Music PA, 168MLPR Live auditorium install
Christ Fellowship, Miami FL 168MLPEP Worship install
Wirelessworks, UK - 16LLP Live audio over Fiber using MCs
US Naval chapel, Italy 168LLP - Worship install
Sound and Music, HK - 32LLP Live auditorium install
Rafael Medina, ZAC Mexico 32LLP system Live concerts

Concert Services CA - 48x24x24x0 3 way split - Live concerts
Concert Services CA 48x24 - Worship install
De-Anza college Cupertino CA - 48x48 Live Performance hall
Avidex, Audio consultant and installation experts
Thorburn Associates, Inc, Acoustic and Technology Consultants
Atlanta Sound&Lighting 48x16x16 split @ 96K Cruise Ship Live
Grace Bible Church San Diego 168MLEP Church installation
Rafael Medina, ZAC Mexico 16x8 system Live audio
Concert Services Inc LA -48x48system  48MLPPR Worship install
Sound and Music, HK 32LLP Event promotion
The Boeing Co.- 3x16x8x8 split Push to talk & audio interconnect
Bruce Pierce, WA - 16MLPPR with DMX Aux1-City hall installation
Mitchell B, TPN WA - 16LLP - Worship Installation MiniMamba
Totally wired system, WI - 168MLPPR - Pub. Auditorium install
Celebration Church, GB, WI, 32MLPEP & XDB - Church install
Christ Fellowship, Miami 32MLPPR - Worship installation
CS-Media Inc, MN, Custom 48x24 split RCA Home audio distrib.
Greg Bellotte, SLC, 16LLP with XDB - Event promotion/TV sports
Vancouver Bible Fellowship, WA 168LLP-16x8 MiniMamba
Glenn Runnels, Wisconsin Rapids, WI,168MLPPR Pub. Auditorium
Stanford University, 16LLP Field research study (Nat. Geogr.)
Lakeland college, Alberta Canada - Mamba 32MLPPR
OpenAudio di Mariotti Luciano, Italy 48LLP 48x48 system
Texas State University, San Marcos TX, Mini-Mamba 168LLP
Barry University, Miami FL, Mamba 32LLP
AmblesideLogic, CA Home media distr. Mamba 32LLP RCA in/out
Sound Image Inc, CA - 48MLPPR - Church installation
Vinelife Christian Center, Riverside CA
Sturgis Wesleyan Church, MI 32MLPEP Church Installation
The Onesti Entertainment Inc, IL, 64MLSEP, 64x32x32 split/ EP84
Stephen F Peterson, Aiken SC Mamba 32MLEP Event promotion
The Production Network, Seattle, WA Mamba 16LLP
B M Systems, Slovak Republic, 32MLPPR, Mamba with PR8Es
OpenAudio di Mariotti Luciano, Italy Mini-Mamba 168LLP
Shepherd of the Sierra Presbyterian Church, CA Mamba/PR8E
City of Aiken, Aiken SC - 16MLPPR/PR8Es
Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Ashland OR, Mini Mamba/EP84s
New Community Baptist Church, CA - MiniMamba/PR8Es
Joe B Luscombe Jr , TX 48MLSPR, 48X24X24 split with PR8Es
The Upper Room Fellowship, OH, Mamba with PR8Es
Greg Bellotte, SLC, 32LLP Mamba 32X32 - TV broadcast
David, WV - Mamba 32X16 with PR8Es
Victorious Life Church, FL 80X24 system Split/Mini Mambas
New Day Church, MN. MiniMamba with PR8E
Sefcik production, NJ Mamba with EP84
Trinity Church, TX, MiniMamba with EP84
Stage Sound, Denmark - Mamba
New Music system, Sweden - Mamba
Cybertronics system, Jamaica - Mamba
CS-Media, Inc. MN, USA - Custom 48 X 16 system
Sci-Arc (Southern Cal Institute of Architecture ) - Mamba
The Gate Chruch of High Desert, Custom 64X32 with Pre's
Seneca Valley School District, PA - Mini-Mamba split / Fiber
First baptist Church, TX - Mini-Mamba
Kitimat Harvest Ministries International - BC - Mamba/EP84
East Coast Christian Center - Split/Daisy chain Mamba
Island Music, FL - Mamba
Soundz Amazing Ltd, UK - Mamba
Vidance, Germany  - Mamba
EAV Tech Pvt, Australia - Custom 128x128
The Sound and Music System, Victoria AUS - Mamba
The Dulles Community Church - Mamba
EMD Electronics - Mamba
Garden Recording Studios - Mamba
More ..



16MLPEP - 16x16 Point-to-Point System with EP84


System consists of 2 units  [Stage and FoH] and 2 EP84 micpreamp. No Db25 or CAT5 cables incl.







32MLPEP - 32x32 Point-to-Point System with EP84


System consists of 2 units  [Stage and FoH] & 4 pcs of EP84 micpre. No Db25 or CAT5 cables incl.







48MLPEP - 48x48 Point-to-Point System with EP84


System consists of 2 units  [Stage and FoH] & 6 EP84 micpre for all 48 channel input. No Db25 or CAT5 cables incl.







64MLPEP - 64x64 Point-to-Point System with EP84


System consists of 2 units  [Stage and FoH] & 8 EP84 micpre for all 64 channel inputs. No Db25 or CAT5 cables incl.







16MLSEP - 16x8x8 Split System with EP84


System consists of 3 units  [Stage, FoH & Mon] & 2 EP84 micpre for 16 ch inputs. No Db25 or CAT5 cables incl.








32MLSEP - 32x16x16 Split System with EP84


System consists of 3 units  [Stage, FoH & Mon] & 4 pcs of EP84 micpre for 32 ch input. No Db25 or CAT5 cables incl.








48MLSEP - 48x24x24 Split System with EP84


System consists of 3 units  [Stage, FoH & Mon] & 6 pcs of EP84 micpre for 48 ch. No Db25 or CAT5 cables incl.








64MLSEP - 64x32x32 Split System with EP84


System consists of 3 units  [Stage, FoH & Mon] & 8 pcs of EP84 micpre for all 64 ch. No Db25 or CAT5 cables incl.